Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pieroth Blue 2008 Burg Layer Schlosskapelle

Kabinett Wine
Blue Wine Glasses Available on Amazon

For a crisp, fresh, light, and slightly fruity wine, you might like to try a Kabinett from Germany. Here's a great review of the Pieroth Blue 2008 Burg Layer Schlosskapelle.

The House of Pieroth is one of the largest German wine enterprises, with a wine-making history going back to 1731. The company also owns vineyards in France, Brazil, South Africa, and Italy, and is a respected authority on international wines.

If you can find a Kabinett wine in the traditional blue bottle, be sure to save it! One can't help but admire the distinctive cobalt blue color. In the Nahe region of Germany, where the Kabinett wine is produced, soil conditions are the secret behind the color. More than two centuries ago, artisans at the Nahe glassworks crafted bottles locally, and wines produced in the region became associated with the blue-colored bottles.

People familiar with the area's history and traditions believe that Nahe region wines are the only ones appropriate for presentation in the cobalt blue bottle. In the current marketplace, green appears to be the most common bottle color for German Kabinett wines.

2011 King Frosch Riesling Kabinett
2011 Losen Bockstanz Mosel Riesling Kabinett
Varietal/Blend: Riesling

Nahe Germany Aluminum City Sign

View of Bingen, Germany with Terraced Vineyards in the Background
Original Halftone Print Measures Approximately 8.25" by 5.25"

Great-Tasting White Wine Kabinett


  1. Kim, I am delighted first of all to see you blogging as you have a natural creative flair for being a great blogger! Thanks for the feature about a great tasting white wine that we discovered late in life. Actually, it is the first wine review for me ever so I thank you for the critique from the L.A. Wineaux. Gosh, I think we have only 2 bottles left. Time to order more. Hubby would like to find a less expensive equivalent as this one is nearly $20 a bottle. We're not quite into Two Buck Chuck, but $10 would be nice. ;)

  2. Beautiful looking bottle. I've had some great German beers, but I've never had wine from the Rhine. Nice work Julie and Kim!

  3. Where can I purchase Pieroth Blue 2009 Burg Layer Schlosskapelle Kabinett Nahe on the Gold Coast in Qld Aussie? My husband thinks its just wonderful


    1. Try Pieroth (Aust) Pty Ltd
      ph 07-38578819

  4. My wife and I have been enjoying Burg Layer Schlosskappele Blue Bottle wine since the early nineties. We were posted to Germany with the U.S. Department of State in Amconsul Frankfurt (twice), and Embassy Berlin. We never paid more than USD 5 during our tours in Germany. (my golden rule: never spend more than USD 5). My have the times have changed, but I caution those readers out there that although the times have changed, the Burg Layer Schlosskapelle Blue Bottle has remained an outstanding wine our choice to the both of us. Looking back at those three tours in Germany I can't help but wonder if the Burg Layer had anything to do with my choice(s) of assignmen??
    Enjoy Burg Layer Blue at any price!
    Carl and Cinda Bucklew
    World Travelers

  5. Julie,

    My wife and I were turned onto German white (sweet) wines about 10 years ago. While we don't do any travel internationally, we do frequent a great many wine tasting events in the Chicago area. I have yet to find an equal to the Burg Layer Schlosskappelle wines imported by PRP. Burg Layers seem to be the most consistent quality from vintage year to vintage year and we have found that they have the best taste. My personal favorite is the Auslese, but I have a real sweet tooth. I agree that $20 per bottle is a little on the pricey side, but look at it the way I do... quality costs a bit more, and aren't we worth it?