Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fabric Wine Bags

Purple Organza Bottle Gift Bags Available Below

Present Your Wine Bottle Gifts With Style and Panache

Fabric wine bags come in handy for gift-giving year round. Though perfect for wine, their long, narrow size is suitable for many gifts. I rely on wine gift bags for presenting baked goods like cookies and fudge.

By keeping a stash of wine bottle gift bags on hand, you'll always be ready to present a bottle of wine to your host or hostess.

Add a touch of style to your next wine, champagne, or sparkling cider gift. The special touch of a beautiful sheer organza bag or embroidered fabric bag will certainly be appreciated.

Festive wine bags are available in many colors and styles. I always keep several wine gift bags on hand, especially the economical sets of 10 organza bags, available in a rainbow of colors. Wrapping your wine or other slim gift is a breeze. Just add a few sheets of colorful tissue paper and your gift is all dressed up and ready to give.

Wine and Cheese Shop - Bardolino, Italy
Lisa S. Engelbrecht SwitchArt Print
Wine and Cheese Shop, Lake Garda, Bardolino, Italy

Organza Sheer Wine Bottle Gift Bags
Sets of 10 Organza Wine Bottle Gift Bags, Each Measures 6.5" by 15"
Perfect for Wedding Favors, Baby Showers, and Parties

Wine and Cheese Market - Arona, Italy
Lisa S. Engelbrecht SwitchArt Print
Wine and Cheese at Open-Air Market, Lake Maggiore, Arona, Italy

Lillian Rose Fabric Wine Bags
Cover a wine bottle in style with fashionable and trendy bags designed by Lillian Rose. Choose from plain burlap or wedding-themed sentiments. Each bag measures approximately 6.5 inches by 12 inches and accommodates a 750 ml bottle of wine or Champagne.

Campo De' Fiori Food Market - Rome, Italy
Mauricio Abreu Photographic Print
Campo De' Fiori Food Market Rome, Italy

HEART Wine Tote Bags
Each wine tote is handmade in Kenya to support the Malaika Mums, mothers of special needs children. The bags are crafted from traditional Kenya Maasai Shuka fabric and East African cotton. Measuring approximately 6 inches wide by 12 inches long, the bag will fit most standard size wine bottles.

Single Bottle Wine Bags
These popular wine totes are made of non-woven polypropylene and measure 13.7 inches by 4 inches by 4.3 inches. They're durable, light weight, and washable for years of use and enjoyment. The deep red color shown here is perfect for the holidays. They're also available in black and light brown.

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