Thursday, August 28, 2014

Make Your Own I Love Lucy Italy Grape Stomping Costume

Lucille Ball and Teresa Tirelli (I Love Lucy)

A Hilarious Costume Inspired by "Lucy's Italian Movie"

The I Love Lucy grape stomping costume pays tribute to one of the funniest moments in classic television history. The year was 1956 and the episode "Lucy's Italian Movie" was one of several that took place during Ricky's European tour.

Fans of the sitcom are familiar with Lucy's desperate attempts to be in show business. In this episode she is vying for a role in the Italian film "Bitter Grapes." Lucy decides to soak up the local color, and accidentally lands a job as a grape stomper in a large wine vat.

The episode is hilarious, thanks largely to Lucy's sparring partner Teresa Tirelli—a professional grape crusher from California. Naturally, Lucy's grape crushing technique ends up being less than professional and the laughs ensue. "Lucy's Italian Movie" is consistently chosen as an all-time favorite I Love Lucy episode and has been endlessly parodied.

Everything you need to create an I Love Lucy grape stomping costume is provided here, from peasant tops and skirts right down to the grapes. If you're handy with a sewing machine, you can even make your own peasant top and skirt from free sewing patterns.

Options are given for handmade or ready to wear peasant tops and peasant skirts. Add a colorful bandana, a black sash belt, and some gypsy hoop earrings to complete the ensemble. Best of all, the I Love Lucy wine stomping costume features wardrobe items that are flattering to all body types and meant to be enjoyed year round.

Lucy's Italian Movie
I Love Lucy Tin Sign Measures 12.5 by 16 inches
I Love Lucy Grapes of Laugh TV

Peasant Tops
Easy Peasant Top Pattern
Easy Peasant Top Pattern is Multi-sized for Chests 32 inches to 52 inches

Free Peasant Top Patterns
Free Peasant Top Pattern from Blissful Sewing
How to Make a Peasant Blouse from Creative Bug
Adult Size Peasant Blouse Tutorial from Things of Cloth

PattyBoutik Women's 3/4 Sleeve High-Low Hem Top
50% Viscose, 50% Polyester Blouse is Machine Washable

I Love Lucy Complete Fifth Season
Starring Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance, William Frawley
All 26 Original Season Five Episodes, Including "Lucy's Italian Movie"

Peasant Skirts
Easy Peasant Skirt Pattern
Easy Peasant Skirt Pattern is Multisized for Waists 23 inches to 42 inches

Free Peasant Skirt Patterns
Free Peasant Skirt Patterns from Craft Stew
Free Peasant Skirt Pattern from Verdant Bents
Free Peasant Skirt Pattern from Unapologetically Fat

Embroidered Ankle Length Gypsy Bohemian Skirt
Bombay Fashions Skirt is Available in a Rainbow of Vibrant Colors

This popular 100% cotton ankle length skirt features intricately embroidered designs on the front and is lined to the knee. The back of the skirt is plain. One size fits most, with an adjustable elastic and drawstring waist.

Lucy Musical Wine Stomping Figurine
Plays the "I Love Lucy" Theme Song
I Love Lucy Musical Wine Stomping FigurineI Love Lucy Musical Wine Stomping Figurine

Wide Black Belts
Luna Fashion Waist Trimmer Stretch Buckle Belt
Flattering Elastic Cinch Belt Available in 2, 3, and 4-inch Widths

Fashionable Inexpensive Black Stretch Waist Belts
Faux Leather Trim, Stretch Waistband, Metal Interlocking Buckle

I Love Lucy Wine Glass
Lucy's Italian Movie
I Love Lucy Grape Stomping 15-ounce Wine GlassI Love Lucy Grape Stomping 15-ounce Wine Glass

Gypsy Bandanas
Fashionable 100% Cotton Bandannas
Each Premium Quality Cotton Bandana Measures 22 by 22 inches Square

Lucy's Italian Movie Teddy Bear
Cuddly I Love Lucy Collectible
Lucy's Italian Movie Teddy BearLucy's Italian Movie Teddy Bear

Gypsy Hoop Earrings
Gypsy or Pirate Costume Toy Hoop Earrings
Two-inch Gold-Colored Clip-On Costume Earrings

Gold-Plated Hoop Earrings for Pierced Ears
Two-inch Stunning Stainless Steel Yellow Gold Plated Hoop Earrings

I Love Lucy Grape Stomping Puzzle
Colorful 550-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
I Love Lucy Grape Stomping Jigsaw PuzzleI Love Lucy Grape Stomping Jigsaw Puzzle

I Love Lucy Wig
Auburn I Love Lucy Wig
100% Synthetic 50s Housewife Wig available in Blonde or Auburn

Lucille Ball
Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love
with a gorgeous redhead.

I Love Lucy Barbie Doll by Mattel
Episode 150 "Lucy's Italian Movie"

Grape Bunches
Soft Plastic Burgundy Bunch Grapes
Each Artificial Grape Bunch Measures Approximately 6.5 inches Long

Women Harvesting Grapes in Piedmont, Italy
Lantern Press Photographic Print
Women Harvesting Grapes in a Vineyard, Barbaresco Docg, Piedmont, Italy

Lucy's Italian Movie
Lucy Spars with Professional Grape Crusher Teresa Tirelli

Girls at Grape Crush Festival
Premium Photographic Print
Girls Crushing Grapes with their Feet at Grape Crush Festival

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  1. OMG, what fun! This is definitely one of my favorite Lucy episodes!

  2. I showed this to my daughters and told them that what mom was going to dress up as (she's a redhead also). They had no idea who Lucy was...

  3. I don't think my daughter would know who lucy is either lol. super cute outfits!