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Murder Mystery Party: A Taste for Wine and Murder

Murder Mystery Party
Whodunnit? Take a Stab at It!

A Taste for Wine and Murder is a perfect murder mystery theme for your next Halloween dinner party. Murder is on the menu, and everyone is a suspect.

The victim is California vineyard owner Barry Underwood, whose body is found hidden beneath his wine cellar. The other characters are played by six to eight adults, one of whom is the murderer. But which one?

Each guest is encouraged to arrive in costume and act out their respective role with the aid of a booklet that describes their character's background and motivation.

The murder mystery party boxed set also includes eight party invitations and envelopes, place cards, secret clues, and a compact disc that introduces the game and later reveals the solution to the crime. A word of caution here—one mystery party host accidentally played the message in its entirety and spoiled the fun for his guests.

A wine and cheese menu is well-suited to this murder mystery party theme. However, the game does include a suggested menu, featuring recipes by cookbook author Sandra Gluck. Some hosts have even printed special "Underwood Winery" labels to create wine bottle props for the buffet table.

Cave Door at Ironstone Winery in California
Janis Miglavs Photographic Print
Oak Barrels Stacked Outside of Open Door To Aging Caves at Ironstone Winery, California, USA

Murder Mystery Party
A Taste for Wine and Murder
A Taste for Wine and Murder is a socially engaging and fun role-playing game for six to eight adults.

Bloody Handprints Wall Window Decals

A Taste for Wine and Murder - The Players

Fall is in the air and the annual wine-tasting festival is underway. When the body of a local vineyard owner is discovered in his wine cellar, everyone becomes a suspect. Invite your friends to dress up and play their assigned roles. Detailed character booklets provide background information about each of the participants and suspects. Whom do you suspect?

  • Bonny Lass

  • Bud Wizer

  • Hedy Shablee

  • Marilyn Merlot

  • Otto Von Schnapps

  • Papa Vito

  • Ralph Rottingrape

  • Tiny Bubbles
Crime Scene Caution Tape
A Taste for Wine and Murder
Dinner Party Game for 6 to 8 Players

Napa Valley, California Vineyard
Billy Hustace Photographic Print
Close-Up of Grapes in a Vineyard, Napa Valley, California, United States of America, North America

Murder Mystery Party
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Underground Wine Cellar, Sillery Grand Cru
Per Karlsson SwitchArt Print
Underground Wine Cellar, Champagne Francois Seconde, Sillery Grand Cru

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