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Personalized Wine Glasses

Luigi Bormioli Stemless Glass Set

Personalized Barware Sets and Accessories

It can be tough selecting a thoughtful gift for the person who has everything. In most cases, the ideal solution is as simple as personalizing a popular staple item. Especially one that is prone to breaking and requiring replacement over the years.

When you want someone to feel very special, personalized wine glasses are an excellent choice. Glassware is an item anyone can appreciate and use on a daily basis. There are a variety of different options to choose from, including traditional and stemless barware, Champagne flutes, and novelty Mason jar glasses.

There are two basic formats that are traditionally used with personalization. The most common method is to add simple initials in a stylish font. These are especially popular for the bride and groom. You can also create glasses that are tailored to a formal gathering like a wedding or anniversary party, thus creating a unique favor or place card holder for each guest.

We ordered personalized wine glasses for my parents' anniversary party, which was held outdoors at a winery. They were a huge hit with everyone. We tied colorful bows and costume wedding rings to the stems, then placed them on tables so guests could help themselves to beverages. My parents' friends went home with a lasting memento of the occasion, which we placed in to-go bags toward the end of the evening.

Since we had such a large group, our customized glasses were printed with my parents' names and wedding date. For more intimate gatherings like baby or bridal showers, you can probably tackle the job yourself. If you're the crafty type, it's relatively easy to personalize plain glassware items with etch cream and a few simple tools that you probably already have on hand.

Do you have a Cricut machine? Some crafters also transfer colorful vinyl design cutouts to plain glasses or Mason jars for a custom look. Initials and simple designs like polka dots and hearts work especially well with this method. Vinyl embellishments are surprisingly durable, and will last for years with gentle washing. We had a set of Mason jar glasses made for a friend who turned 90 last year. She loved them, especially since her father had been a moonshiner!

Wine Tasting Glass at Coteaux Du Languedoc
Per Karlsson Photographic Print
Wine Tasting Glass, Coteaux Du Languedoc, France

Wine Glasses
Personalized Glass Set
Set of Four Engraved with Custom Logo, Initial, or Word (Fonts Below)

Personalized Wine Glasses

Dale Carnegie
If you want to win friends, make it a point to remember them. If you remember my name, you pay me a subtle compliment; you indicate that I have made an impression on you. Remember my name and you add to my feeling of importance.

Monogrammed or Personalized Stemless Wine Glasses
Personalized Glasses are Perfect for Bridesmaid and Wedding Party Gifts

These stemless wine glasses have a generous 20-ounce capacity and are suitable for red or white wine. The stylish etching is permanent and dishwasher safe. Customization is included in the cost of the glass--email the vendor after purchase with your design and text specifications.

Monogrammed or Personalized Stemless Wine Glasses

Clinking Glasses of Sparkling Wine
Kröger and Gross Photographic Print
Clinking Glasses of Sparkling Wine (With Heart-Shaped Splash)

Champagne Flutes
Personalized Wedding or Anniversary Wine Glass Toasting Flutes
Customized Diamond Cut Engraved Glasses for Wedding and Anniversary Toasts

Dale Carnegie
Remember that a person's name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.

Champagne Flute Wedding Favors
Braided-Stem Champagne Flute Can Be Printed with One of 10 Designs

Louis Gaillard Art Print

Giant Wedding Toast Greeting Card
Full Color Corrugated Plastic Wedding Card Measures 2 by 3 feet

Glass Etching
Armour Etch Glass Etching Kit
Deluxe Kit Includes 3-ounce Bottle of Armour Etch Cream and 85 Stencil Motifs

The Deluxe Kit is designed for crafters who are new to the glass etching process. The kit is suitable for etching household glass and mirrors. Many reviewers recommend purchasing the items separately, since there are plenty of online tutorials that show how to use Armour Etch Cream. The materials in the etching kit can be used for wine glasses, though alphabet stencils are not among the 85 stencil motifs that are provided. Alphabet stencils can be purchased separately or made with a few simple tools.

Glass Etching Made Easy
Learn to Use Armour Etch Cream to Decorate or Personalize Glassware

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