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Wine Bottle Cover Ideas

Dress Up Your Wine and Sparkling Cider Gifts with Fancy Fashions and Dazzling Beaded Skirts

The best dressed bottles are wearing Mandarin tunics, Japanese kimonos, Hawaiian shirts, raffia hula skirts, knitted sweaters, crocheted cozies, "leather" lederhosen, denim overalls, bright orange life jackets, evening gowns, and black tuxedos.

A gussied up hostess gift is guaranteed to please, and it couldn't be easier with fashionable and fancy bottle clothing. Novelty covers are perfect for dressing up any wine or spirits presentation.

Keep a few on hand for last-minute gifts, or when you plan to surprise your host or hostess with an alcohol or cider gift. It's an easy and clever way to wrap a housewarming present too. Collect several designs, and use them to create unique place settings or party favors for your guests.

Long, slender gift bags are great and we use lots of those too, but whimsical bottle outfits provide an unexpected element of fun. They can be used over and over again, and can even be re-gifted. We have several favorites that have been passed back and forth among our friends for years now. They're more memorable than gift bags, and are especially fun to bring to restaurants and dinner parties.

Are you looking for glitz and sparkle? Choose a dazzling beaded skirt, available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. They slip easily over any 750 ml standard sized bottle. Pair them with wine candelabras for a stunning display of light at your next party or event. We keep a couple of candle holders out year round.

Tropical Grass Skirt Wine Bottle Cork Covers Available on Amazon

Reflection of Lanterns on Chinese Characters
Ian Trower Photographic Print
Reflection of Lanterns on Chinese Characters, Taichung, Taiwan

Chinese Calligraphy "Drunk" T-Shirts
Available in Many Colors, Sizes, and Styles

Chinese Style Bottle Decor
Elegant Oriental Embroidered Bag
Polyester and Silk Bag Measures a Generous 13.5 inches Tall

An elegant embroidered Oriental sack-style cover will make your gift stand out beautifully. Each polyester and silk blend bag measures 13.5 inches high, and will accommodate a standard 750 ml bottle of spirits. This classic design is available in several colors including white, purple, olive green, light orange, salmon pink, light green, and dark grey. Do you need a unique hostess gift or housewarming gift? This exquisite cover and its decorative tassel is sure to please any recipient. It looks especially pretty when the bottle neck is wrapped in gold-foil as shown here. The embroidered bag is simple, yet sophisticated. We received one last Christmas and just love it.

Chinese Wine Bottle Fashions
Chinese Style Wine Bottle Clothing
Colors and Styles Will Vary Due to Handmade Nature of these Covers

Handmade Chinese style covers are miniature works of art. An embroidered or brocade outfit is sure to make your guests feel special when you present such a beautiful display at your dinner table. Due to the handmade nature of many of these tiny outfits, there may be slight variations in colors and styles. Slip one over the neck of any 750 ml bottle to dress it up with class. These unique and stylish covers are perfect for hostess gifts and place settings at your next gathering. Chinese take-out will seem downright glamorous when the table is set with one of these ornate Oriental designs. Just look at all the intricate detail that goes into these pint-sized fashions. Many of the handmade designs are available in sets, and they make wonderful Christmas stocking stuffers. Choose from a variety of bright colors and fabric textures.

Hawaiian Wine Bottle Fashions
Hawaiian Style Shirts and Hula Skirts
Hawaiian Shirt Covers Also Work for Beer, Soda Pop, and Water

Aloha! Hawaiian style bottle covers include whimsical muumuu and Hawaiian shirt designs in a variety of colors and playful prints. Hawaiian shirts with tiny raffia skirts will accommodate many different types of bottled beverages, including wine, beer, soda pop, lemonade, and water. They’re great for guests of all ages, and will make excellent party favors at your next backyard luau. Your friends will love taking these Hawaiian style bottle covers home to use again and again.

Hawaiian Style Muumuus for Her
Ruffled Hawaiian Muumuu Covers Work for Any Bottled Beverage

Ruffle trimmed Hawaiian muumuu bottle covers mix perfectly with Hawaiian shirt designs, and are appropriate for all age groups. They work well for practically any party beverage, and will even help your guests keep track of their drinks at parties. You can also keep a few on display at the buffet table for a tropical touch that your guests will appreciate. There are many other colors and prints available.

Beads at Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey
Izzet Keribar Photographic Print
Beads at Grand Bazaar (Kapali Carsi), Istanbul, Turkey

Abstract Wine Bottle T-Shirts
Available in Many Colors, Sizes, and Styles

Wine Bottle Beaded Covers

Wine Bottle Beaded Covers
Beaded Wine Bottle Covers
A Wine Bottle Beaded Skirt Adds Sparkle to Your Wine Gift

We keep several wine bottles on display in our home, and these beaded covers add a nice touch of bling. The beaded wine bottle skirt shown here are available in lots of sparkling colors including fuchsia, gold, red, silver, turquoise, and multi-color jewel tones. Wine bottle beaded covers are especially popular for wedding showers and receptions. Your guests will appreciate the attention to detail that sparkling beads provide to the ambience of your table. Use them as place cards or party favors. They look especially beautiful next to glowing candles or candelabras. Beaded covers slip easily over any standard 750 ml sized bottle of alcohol or sparkling cider. Bead covers are also pretty when draped over a pillar candle or hurricane lamp. Place one over a clean, empty bottle for a stylish candle holder or candelabra base.

Wedding Bouquet and Champagne Glasses
Marnie Burkhart Photographic Print
Wedding bouquet and champagne glasses

Toast to Love T-Shirts
Available in Many Colors, Sizes, and Styles

Wedding Wine Bottles
Wedding Wine Bottle Decor Ideas
Suitable for Any 750 ml Bottle of Wine, Champagne, or Sparkling Cider

Matching bride and groom wedding covers are a perfect bridal shower or wedding table centerpiece, and will delight any couple on their wedding day. There are many options for wedding themed wine bottle covers. I love the elegant white high heel shoe holder as a bridal shower or wedding dinner centerpiece. The bride and groom wine bottle covers are perfect for the table of honor, and will make a lasting memento of the occasion. If you plan to place wine or other beverage bottles on the table, the white bridal gown covers are simple yet elegant. Wine bottle covers are suitable for nearly any 750 ml bottle. Use them for wine, sparkling cider, sparkling water, or any beverage of your choice. Your guests will enjoy the added touch of style at their table, and they’ll love taking home a reminder of the bride and groom’s special day.

Champagne Bottles Waiting for Labels at Argyle Winery
Charles O'Rear Photographic Print
Champagne Bottles Waiting for Labels at Argyle Winery

Colorful Wine Bottle Raglan T-Shirts
Available in Many Colors, Sizes, and Styles

Bottle Babes Wine Bottle Covers
Fancy Up Any Tall, Slim Bottle of Your Favorite Libation

Evening gown fashions for bottles? Why not. These original designs from Bottle Babes will dress up any 750 ml bottle of alcohol, cider, or sparkling juice. Are you hosting a movie night or Academy Award party? Add a touch of Hollywood glamour to your buffet table with the best dressed bottles in town, complete with feathery boas. These diminutive fashions are a perfect choice for the diva on your gift list.

Bottle of Red Wine with Black Grapes
Vladimir Shulevsky Photographic Print
A Bottle of Red Wine with Black Grapes

Red Wine and Grapes T-Shirts
Available in Many Colors, Sizes, and Styles

Crochet a Wine Bottle Cover
Learn How to Make a Crocheted Bottle Cover

If you're handy with a crochet hook, learn to make one-of-a-kind covers for your friends and family. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Personalized gifts are always appreciated, and I sure wish I had time to make these for my friends.

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