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Wine Christmas Ornaments

Wine Christmas Ornaments
Kurt Adler Santa Ornament

Celebrate Christmas and Wine

Do you believe in wine? Santa Claus sure does! 'Tis the season for celebrating with friends and family. Here are some great stocking stuffer and gift suggestions for the oenophile on your holiday list.

Whimsical wine Christmas ornaments add a festive touch, especially when tied with a sparkling bow to any bottle of holiday spirits. They slip nicely over the necks of bottles too, and can be used over and over again. We use ours throughout the year.

How long have ornaments been part of the holiday tradition? Would you believe they've have been used to decorate trees since the 1800s. In the early days, holiday trees were decorated with edible items like fruits, nuts, candies, and cookies. By the end of the century, high quality glass ornaments were being produced. These were highly collectible and many have been passed down for generations (and are worth a small fortune today).

Many of those designs are still popular today, thanks to artists like Kurt Adler and Christopher Radko who keep the tradition alive. The festive "I Believe in Wine" Santa Claus on barrel shown here was designed by Kurt Adler, and more of his colorful resin designs are included below.

You'll also find grape, wine bottle, corkscrew, and cork designs that complement holiday wine decor. Add a little to your collection each year as we do. Our vineyard theme tree is so much fun that for many years we just kept it up year round. The adornments we've collected over the years look wonderful against a backdrop of sparkling green and purple lights. We love to collect printed corks and other small reminders of our visits to the many wonderful California wineries and vineyards. Who says a Christmas tree has to be green? This year we may spring for one of those sparkly purple trees!

Wine Bottle Ornaments
Kurt Adler Wine Bottle Ornaments
Ready-to-Hang Acrylic Ornament Set Includes Four Different Wine Varietals

Kurt Adler Wine Bottle with Grapes Ornaments
Ready-to-Hang Acrylic Ornament Set Includes Four Different Wine Varietals

Sparkling Wine Vintage Christmas Card
Giclée Print
Sparkling Wine Christmas Card

Wine Barrel Ornaments
Kurt Adler Santa Claus Wine Barrel Ornament
Detailed Resin Ornament Measures Approximately 4" Tall

Kurt Adler Wine Barrel Ornaments
Each Wonderfully Detailed Resin Ornament Measures Approximately 2-3/4"

Santa Serving Food and Wine
Vintage Art Print
Santa serving food

Wine Corkscrew Ornaments
Kurt Adler Corkscrew Bottle Opener Ornaments
Set of Two Silver Resin Ready-to-Hang Corkscrew and Bottle Opener Ornaments

Kurt Adler Tuscan Corkscrew Ornaments
Set of Three Finely Detailed Ready-to-Hang Tuscan Corkscrew Ornaments

Michael Godard Screw the Cork Poster
High Quality Art Poster Print Measures 12" by 12"
Michael Godard Screw the Cork Art Poster PrintMichael Godard Screw the Cork Art Poster Print

Wine Glass Ornaments
Lolita Mini Wine Glass Ornaments
Each Ready-to-Hang Wine Glass Ornament is Approximately 4" Tall

Lolita hand-painted mini wine glass ornaments are highly popular, with a loyal following of enthusiasts and collectors. Designs vary each holiday season and quantities are limited. Shop early so you won’t be disappointed. Each Lolita design includes a bow and hang tag, and comes packaged in a signature gift box for easy presentation and storage. This is an officially licensed item by artist Tracey ‘Lolita’ Yancey.

Santa Claus and Wine Bottles
Vintage Art Print
A Merry Christmas, Santa Claus and Wine Bottles

Grape Christmas Ornaments
Celebrate with a Vineyard Theme Christmas Tree

Grapes are a popular home decor motif any time of year, and they’re especially critical to a vineyard theme holiday tree design. After all, without grapes there would be no wine! Grapes are available in a wide assortment of colors, sizes, and styles. These sparkling fruit clusters are especially elegant, whether hanging in a window, on the tree, or around the neck of a bottle of holiday spirits. The Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Zinfandel plaques are functional as well as beautiful. Drape them over bottles on the holiday buffet table so guests can help themselves to their favorite variety of wine.

Kurt Adler Grape Cluster Christmas Ornaments
Sets of Three Wonderfully Detailed Ornaments
Each Ready-to-Hang Plastic Ornament Measures Approximately 6" Long
Each Ready-to-Hang Beaded Ornament Measures Approximately 4" Long

Red Grape Plaque Christmas Ornaments
Set of Three Ceramic Ornaments: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Zinfandel

Wine Cork Ornaments
Kurt Adler Real Wine Cork Grape Bunch Hanging Ornaments
Set of 2 Painted Cork Ornaments in Burgundy and Green

Wine Cork Cage Wine Bottle Ornament
Crafted from Metal and Dotted with Whimsical Multi-Colored Glass Accents

Decanter and Red Wine Vintage Christmas Card
Giclée Print
Decanter and Glass of Red Wine, Christmas Card

Boxed Wine Ornaments
Boxed Wine Christmas Ornaments
Fun Gift for the Boxed Wine Connoisseur on Your Holiday Gift List

I Love Boxed Wine T-Shirts
Available in Many Colors, Sizes, and Styles

Purple Christmas Trees
Purple Christmas Tree with Purple Lights (6" High)

Holiday decorating doesn't get much easier than a pre-lit Christmas tree with 350 lights. If one light burns out, the others will stay lit. This lush tree measures 44 inches at the widest point, and stands a full six feet high with 913 tips. It's made of PVC with added holographic sparkle in a combination of plastic and metal. Assembly is easy too, with three tree pieces and a stand. Your wine-themed holiday ornaments will look beautiful against this dramatic purple backdrop.


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