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Pieroth Blue 2008 Burg Layer Schlosskapelle

Nahe Germany Wine Region

House of Pieroth

For a crisp, fresh, light, and slightly fruity wine, you might like to try a Kabinett from Germany. Here's a great review of the Pieroth Blue 2008 Burg Layer Schlosskapelle.

The House of Pieroth is one of the largest German wine enterprises, with a wine-making history going back to 1731. The company also owns vineyards in France, Brazil, South Africa, and Italy, and is a respected authority on international wines.

Kabinett Wine
If you can find a Kabinett wine in the traditional blue bottle, be sure to save it! One can't help but admire the distinctive cobalt blue color. In the Nahe region of Germany, where the Kabinett wine is produced, soil conditions are the secret behind the color. More than two centuries ago, artisans at the Nahe glassworks crafted bottles locally, and wines produced in the region became associated with the blue-colored bottles.

People familiar with the area's history and traditions believe that Nahe region wines are the only ones appropriate for presentation in the cobalt blue bottle. In the current marketplace, green appears to be the most common bottle color for German Kabinett wines.

A Guide to the Rhine
by G. Hölscher
Describing a Summer Tour From Dusseldorf to Mainz, Including Visits to the Valleys of the Nahe, Lahn, Moselle, Ahr, the Siebengebirge, etc.

Nahe Wine Region
Established during the Middle Ages and aided greatly by the church, the Nahe flourished as a viticultural region for hundreds of years. The Nahe was considered one of Germany's finest wine regions until the 20th century, when two world wars devastated many parts of Europe.

Nahe - Germany
Nahe is a quality wine region in Germany, located along the River Nahe in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Germany Wine Map
Detailed Thematic Cartographic Print of Germany's 132 Wine Regions

German Wine Growing Region

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Nahe German Wine Growing Region

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