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Mason Jar Wine Glasses

Mason Jar Wine Glasses

Add a Touch of Hillbilly Humor

My husband and I were gifted with a pair of Mason jar "redneck" wine glasses for our anniversary. The original "RedNek" glass shown here is exactly like the ones we received. As you can see, the wine glass is constructed from an authentic Mason jar poised atop a glass candle stick stem.

Initially we laughed, but the glasses have quickly become our favorites. The 16-ounce capacity glasses are ideal for practically any beverage, and leftovers can be tightly sealed with the patented lid and screw-on ring.

A Mason jar wine glass may sound funny at first, but you'll find plenty of practicality behind the humor. Patented screw-on Mason jar lids are perfect for keeping beverages safe from spills and insects. Despite the name, a redneck Mason jar wine glass is great for any beverage, especially thirst-quenching drinks like sweet tea and lemonade. RedNek brand wine glasses are available in several styles, including the original one pint wine glasses, margarita glasses, martini glasses, and Champagne flutes.

Admittedly, these sturdy wine glasses might make a "thud" sound instead of the familiar "clink" of fine crystal, but you'll be the life of the party with a redneck Mason jar wine glass in hand. Can you think of a better gag gift for the boxed-wine connoisseur on your gift list? In addition to being humorous, redneck wine glasses will save you money. Leftover wine is tightly sealed with the patented lid and screw-on ring system, thus preventing oxidation. No more wasted wine!

Add a touch of hillbilly humor to your next party with redneck Mason jar wine glasses. If you're the crafty type, they're easy to make with the Mason jar styles of your choice and glass candlesticks. Create a personalized set of redneck wine glasses for parties and special occasions. For a unique gift presentation, fill a small wooden crate with a set of redneck wine glasses and a bottle—or box—of the recipient's favorite vintage. You can also make redneck red Solo cup wine glasses, an homage to tailgaters and sports fans.

Rednecks Welcome
All Others by Appointment Only

RedNek Wine Glasses
Original RedNek Wine Glass Measures 9.5" High by 3.5" Diameter

Original RedNek wine glasses are assembled in western Pennsylvania and are boxed for easy gift giving. The Mason jar glass design includes a screw on lid for shaking, saving, and not spilling your drink. As an added bonus, screw on lids keep fruit flies away. Each set of two RedNek glasses includes a booklet of Bubba Billy’s Redneck Dranks recipes and a GoDpsWine wine cloth. RedNek wine glasses, margarita glasses, martini glasses, and Champagne flutes are dishwasher safe. The biggest gripe among Amazon reviewers is that the candle stick stems can detach. Ours have been fine so far, and we're pretty rough on our glassware. Nevertheless, I always keep a fresh tube of E-6000 adhesive on hand, just in case.

RedNek 'Rita Glass
Original RedNek Margarita Glass Measures 9" High by 3.5" Diameter

RedNek 'Tini Martini Glass
Original RedNek Martini Glass Measures 7" High by 3.5" Diameter

RedNek Champagne Flutes
Original RedNek Champagne Flutes Measure 9" High by 3" Diameter

Vintage Mason Jar Art Print
Handmade in North Carolina

Mason Jars
Invented and Patented in 1958 by a Philadelphia Tinsmith, John Landis Mason

Mason jars are glass jars of various shapes and sizes, generally used in canning to preserve food. They are also known as Ball jars, after Ball Corp., an early manufacturer of Mason jars. For obvious reasons, other nicknames include fruit jars and jam jars.

Mason jars are still a top choice for home canning. Modern day Mason jars feature a two-piece cover consisting of an inner lid covered by a screw-on ring. During the canning process, the screw-on ring secures the lid in place, creating a partial vacuum.

All of the elements can be reused and are available for purchase separately. The most common brands of Mason jars are Ball and Kerr, which are represented by the Jarden Corporation. Antique mason jars are eagerly sought by collectors, and some have sold for as high as $30,000.

Historic Mason Jars
Vintage Typography Wall Art

I Love Boxed Wine Barbed Wire and Heart T-Shirts
Available in Many Colors, Sizes, and Styles

Sipper Drinking Jars and Straws
16 oz. Ball Mason Glass Jars with Metal Screw Top Lids

Carson Home Accents 3-Piece Original RedNek Gift Sets
Available with Screwdriver or Faucet Wine Stopper

Make Mason Jar Wine Glasses
Supplies: Mason Jars, Dollar Store Candlesticks, E-6000 Glue

Here's How to Make Mason Jar Wine Glasses
Redneck Mason Jar Wine Glass Supply List
  • Glass Mason Jars with Lids
  • Glass Candle Sticks
  • E-6000 Glue
  • Cotton Balls
  • Rubbing Alcohol
Work in an area with plenty of ventilation, as E-6000 Glue can be mighty strong. Lightly saturate a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and wipe bottom of Mason jar and top of candle stick to remove dirt and grime. Allow to dry. Circle the stem of the candle stick and the bottom of the jar with glue. Allow glue to set for a few minutes before attaching glass jar to candle stick.

For best results, allow glue to dry for 48 hours before using your redneck wine glass. Handwashing is recommended for Mason jar wine glasses. Is there a 99 Cent Store, Dollar Tree, or similar discount store in your area? Many crafters (including myself) have found glass candle sticks for just a dollar a pair.

Mason Jar Wine Glass Supplies
Have Fun Making Your Own Mason Jar Wine Glasses

Novelty Redneck Warning Sign
Digitally Printed on Heavy Aluminum and Suitable for Outdoor Use

Melamine Red Solo Cup Wine Glasses and Accessories
The popular red Solo cup design is recreated in sturdy melamine and poised above a glass stem for years of use. These novelty wine glasses are not the homemade versions with an actual red Solo cup hot-glued to a candlestick. The melamine construction makes them durable enough for everyday use. The two-tone red and white party bucket measures 10 inches in diameter and 8 inches high. It's perfect for chilling wine at the beverage table, and it makes a great hostess gift too!

Redneck Wine Bottle Stoppers
These funny bottle stoppers are part of The Original RedNek collection of creative drink ware and accessories. It's a quality item, featuring a stainless steel base and wide rubber ring for a great seal. Need a gag gift? Each stopper comes packaged in an open-face gift box.

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Mason Jar Wine Glasses

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