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Wine Bottle Candelabras

Wine Bottle Candelabras

Add a Touch of Italy to Your Home Decor

A wine bottle candelabra is the latest rage in Tuscan and vineyard home decor. With a wine bottle topper style candelabra you'll easily transform any empty wine or champagne bottle into an eye-catching and useful centerpiece. Your special bottle of wine becomes a keepsake memento with the simple addition of a single or multi-stem candelabra.

I saw wine bottle candelabras for the first time while visiting California's Napa wine region a few years ago. Those candelabras had a simple, black metal design for two tapers. Now you can find several unique wine bottle candelabra designs and finishes to choose from, featuring taper, votive and tealight candle variations.

One of my favorite options is the classic Ruffino wine bottle with a color drip candle, like the ones you see in family-style Italian restaurants atop red checkered tablecloths.

Wine bottle candelabras make a thoughtful hostess gift or party favor for your guests, and add years of life to a wine bottle that might otherwise be thrown out after just one use.

I Love Italy
Classic Italian Restaurant and Dinner Party Music

Six Tea Light Wine Bottle Candelabra
Classy Black Finish Makes this Candelabra Look Like a Piece of Art

This candelabra style is popular because it works with any bottle of wine, even a full one! Slip it over the neck of the bottle and you're ready to go.

Festive Italian Classics
Ultimate Italian Greatest Hits Collection

Five Taper Wine Bottle Candelabra
Turn an Empty Wine Bottle into an Elegant Candelabra

Here's a great host or hostess gift idea, especially if you're bringing along a special bottle of wine. This beautiful 5-taper candelabra comes gift boxed and ready to give.

Five Tea Light Wine Bottle Candelabra
Wrought Iron Wine Bottle Candelabra Holds Five Tea Light Candles

Italian Favorites
Music of Italy

Black Metal Holly Design Wine Bottle Candelabra
Bring a Warm, Glowing Light and Charm to Any Holiday Setting

Italian Dinner Music
Italian Restaurant Music of Italy

Three Votive Wine Bottle Candelabra
Metal Candelabra Holds Small Candles or Tea Lights

Three Votive Wine Bottle Candelabra
Brushed Copper Candelabra Includes Three Tea Light Candles

Italian Dinner Party Music
Italian Restaurant Music Academy

Wrought Iron Wine Bottle Candelabra with Glass Bead Grape Bunches
Wine Bottle Candelabra Holds Two Candles

Italian Dinner Party
An Instrumental Collection of Italian Favorites

Cast Aluminum Wine Bottle 'Bottelabra' Candle Holders
Choose from Taper or Tea Light Styles in Bronze or Pewter Finish

Dinner in Italy
Authentic Music from Italy

Cannoli Happen in the Bronx T-Shirts
Available in Many Colors and Styles

Italian Cafe
Traditional Romantic Dinner Music from Italy

Russo Rosa Pizzeria T-Shirts
Available in Many Colors, Sizes, and Styles

Vivi Tipici Cellini
Vintage Poster

Ruffino Wine Bottle Candelabra
For a traditional Italian restaurant centerpiece, place a colorful dripping taper candle in a large Ruffino wine bottle. We purchased our 1.5 litre Chianti bottle at Trader Joe's for just ten dollars.

A Toast To Italy
The Global Wine Experience

Color Drip and Wine Cork Candles
Taper candles are specially designed to melt in a variety of colors. Wine cork candles are 3-inches tall and infused with the scent of merlot.

Recycled DIY Wine Bottle Drip Candle Holders

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Wine Bottle Candelabras

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