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Wine Cellar Signs and Chalkboards

Wine Cellar Signs Chalkboards

Personalize Your Wine Cellar

You don't really need to have your own winery or cellar to enjoy the beauty of vineyard inspired art. Wine signs are a creative and fun way to decorate your home or garden. There are many stylish options available, including signs and wine-themed chalkboards.

Personalized gifts are always a hit with our friends and family. If your gift list includes a wine enthusiast, you're in luck. A wine cellar sign customized with a family or business name will make a thoughtful one-of-a-kind gift.

Many of the plaques and chalkboards shown here are designed by celebrated wood carving artist Al Pisano. His creations are often based on vintage signs, and are carefully recreated with casting composite techniques that capture the beauty of real wood. They are durable enough for outdoor use.

Al Pisano began his career as a paste up artist for NYC advertising agency in the 1950s. His latest venture, Piazza Pisano, which produces a line of home decor and gift items, was started in 1992. Al Pisano creates the original designs and oversees all stages of production. If your item fades over time, Piazza Pisano will repaint it for you at no charge. That's what I call customer service!

You won't have to worry, though. The customized Piazza Pisano plaque we received as a wedding gift more than a decade ago still looks brand new today.

Wine Cellar in Stockholm, Sweden
Photographed by Per Karlsson

Customize Sign or Plaque with a Family or Business Name
If you’re looking for a wedding or anniversary gift for a couple that loves wine, how about a personalized sign? If the couple has a wine cellar, that’s great. But it’s certainly not necessary. These signs are suitable for many home decor styles, and look great indoors as well as outdoors. Customized gifts are always popular, and are sure to make recipients feel extra special.

Personalized Wine Cellar Posters
Available in Many Colors, Sizes, and Styles

Domaine Comte Senard in Aloxe-Corton, Bourgogne, France
Photographed by Per Karlsson

Wine Bar and Wine Cellar Chalkboards and Menu Boards
Wine bar and wine cellar chalkboards are attractive as well as functional. Use one in the home to sketch out weekly menus, make a shopping list, or as a household bulletin board to leave reminders. I’ve seen these chalkboards in restaurants for specials of the day, and our local wine tasting establishment uses one to list their daily wine-by-the-glass selections. Some of the signs shown here are made in the USA by skilled artisans working under the direction of wood-carving artist Al Pisano. Art meets functionality when you hang a chalkboard. Use one as a family message center like we do.

Restaurant L'Horloge in Montpeyroux, Languedoc, France
Photographed by Per Karlsson

Signs Make a Thoughtful Hostess Gift
Place one of these signs on a closet door, in your bar area, or anywhere you would like to add a touch of vineyard style in your home decor.

Rodrigue Molyneaux Winery
3053 Marina Avenue in Livermore, California
Rodrigue Molyneaux Winery
Photographed by Kim Giancaterino

The Tasting Room is Open
Even if you don't have a designated tasting area, these signs are fun to hang when you have friends over.

Customized Wine Tasting Art Print
Personalize this Stylish and Unique Wall Art with Your Family Name

Wine Shop and Cycling Tourists in Chablis, France
Photographed by Per Karlsson

Wine Cellar Coasters
Non-Skid Cork Backing Protects Your Furniture from Scratches

Vineyard Tower at Chateau Cos d'Estournel, France
Photographed by Per Karlsson

Funny Wine Quotes and Colorful Cutout Wall Decals
Removable Lettering May be Applied to Any Smooth Surface

Al Pisano Wine Cellar Sign

Our Personalized Wine Cellar Sign by Al Pisano
Personalized Wine Cellar Sign
Photographed by Kim Giancaterino

Our Cherry Wood Framed Ceramic Tile No Soliciting Sign
It Really Works!

Wine Cellar, Wine Tasting, and Wine Bar Wall Decor
Available in Many Colors, Sizes, and Styles

Signs Designed by Wood Carving Artist Al Pisano
Dimensional artist Al Pisano is a graduate of the prestigious School of Industrial Arts in New York City. Piazza Pisano products are made in the USA by skilled artisans under the supervision of Al Pisano.

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Wine Cellar Signs Chalkboards

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Wine tasting sign photograph by LonaE