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Hanukkah Wine Glasses and Accessories

Chanukah Wine
Distressed Metal Bottle Menorah

The Festival of Lights

Hanukkah, or Chanukah, is an eight-day Jewish holiday, also called the Festival of Lights. Although Chanukah is sometimes referred to as Jewish Christmas, the holiday of Hanukkah is much older than Christmas and celebrates God's protection of the Israelites. Some families enjoy celebrating this festive time with wine, and many wineries make kosher wines appropriate for Chanukah.

Hanukkah celebrates the miracle of the oil lamp that lasted 8 days with one day's worth of oil. There is no set menu for Hanukkah, but traditional dishes like Latkes (crispy pan-fried potato pancakes) and Sufganiyah (jam or custard-filled doughnuts) are fried in oil to celebrate the miracle. These foods are often served as an appetizer, and pair well with a sparkling wine or a light white like Pinot Gris. Family recipes that have been handed down through the generations are an important part of the holiday tradition. The main meal might include vegetables, salad, Kugel, and a beef brisket. Hearty reds like Zinfandel, Merlot, or Bordeaux blends will complement this type of meal. Festive glassware is one way to celebrate the holiday and start new traditions with friends and family. These glasses are appropriate for any of your favorite holiday beverages, including sparkling wine, sparkling fruit juice, and apple cider.

Hanukkah, Chanukah Wine Glasses
Lolita Hanukkah Love My Wine Glass
Hand Painted Decorative Wine Glass Holds Approximately 15 ounces

HuePhoria Hanukkah Wine Glass
Each HuePhoria Wine Glass is Hand Blown and Hand Painted

This quality hand blown glass holds a generous 16-ounces of wine or other beverage. The dreidel design is painted by hand. If you need a unique hostess gift, each glass is individually gift boxed and ready to give.

Hanukkah Wine Glass Charms
Set of Six Metal Wine Glass Charms in Different Designs
That wine is mine! These festive wine glass charms are perfect for keeping track of glasses during parties and get togethers. Each charm opens easily and will fit neatly around the average wine glass stem. Plus, they make plain wine glasses look great.

Chanukah Assorted Wine Glass Charms
Set of Six Assorted Wine Glass Charms Including Dreidel and Menorah

Hanukkah Wine Gift Bags
Hanukkah Star of David Wine Bottle Gift Bag
Dark Blue Slender Felt Wine Bottle Gift Bag is Suitable for Many Gift Items

Dove Rising from Menorah Candles
Giclée Print
A Dove Rising from the Candles of a Menorah

Bottle Menorah
One of a Kind Menorah Made of a Naturally Distressed Metal

This unique Menorah measures 9.5 inches high and 14 inches wide. It will accommodate a bottle with a 1 5/8-inch diameter opening (not a standard wine bottle size). The bottle shown here is a small milk bottle. You can probably find something similar at the dollar store, then fill it with colored beads or tinsel for a festive centerpiece.

Menorah Candles
Colorful Chanukah Candles
Box of 44 Colorful Hanukkah Candles

It's no surprise that these brightly colored wax Hanukkah candles are a best seller. Each box includes 44 candles to last throughout your Hanukkah celebration. Burning time is about half an hour.

Rite-Lite Judaica Hand-Dipped Chanukah Candles
Each Box Includes 45 Chanukah Candles (One Hour-Plus Burn Time)

The Wine-Lover's Holidays Cookbook
by Virginia Hoffman

Author Virginia Hoffman presents 13 complete menus with wine selections for popular holidays including Chanukah and Passover. All of the wines recommendations are American and the recipes are innovative, yet easy to make.

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